Digital Guitar Trainer (Discount)


Learn how to play the guitar from home. FRANCIIS's signature Digital Guitar Trainer makes learning extremely easy and convenient! Pretty soon, you'll be rocking like a rock star and impressing your family and friends!


  • CHORD ASSISTANT SCREEN - The screen is completely rotatable so the most commonly used chords are always on the inside. This feature can greatly help new guitar players develop their muscle memory and finger placement.
  • DURABLE STEEL STRINGS - Our device is equipped with genuine steel strings that are durable and strong. They help you to build calluses, can be adjusted with the included tools, and truly optimize your playing experience.
  • EQUIPPED WITH A METRONOME - You'll be able to learn the chords with a customized tempo using the included metronome device. It's a quiet tool without actual guitar playing so you cannot tune or strum it as you would a true guitar.
  • QUIET -  Not noisy at all! 
  • LIGHTWEIGHT - Extremely convenient
  • PORTABLE - Again extremely convenient


What Others Are Saying

"I'm just learning to do my own basic setups for guitars, and this cool piece is a gift from the heavens to me. Having this trainer has made me look like I know what I'm doing, when setting up my own guitars, or one of my friend's guitars.” - John G. 


"It's a must have for anyone that is a guitar tech, or an amateur, at home, doing their own work." - Mary M. 

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