Smart iPhone Charging Case

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Your iPhone will always be charged with this Smart Charging Case. Portable, Separable and Magnetic Adsorption Power! This is one of the most practical gadgets of the year: a portable charging case for Apple iPhone. Despite its rather sleek design, it's strong enough to protect your phone as well as keep it charged and ready to go. You get a phone case PLUS a magnetic smart battery charger! 

Never worry about missing important moments because of a low battery. With this charging case you're always ready to go. Whether you're in the middle of an important business call, taking photos with your friends or recording once in a lifetime events you'll be relieved knowing you always have backup! Gone are the days where you always need to know where the nearest outlet is! no more bulky power banks or charging cables for you! With this case you can charge your iPhone anywhere and never have to go without getting your daily dose of Instagram! And like you, your phone will always be ready for the next adventure.




Battery Capacity: 5000-6999mAh
Compatible Brand: Apple iPhones X, XS, XR, XS Max
Colors: Black, Red, Blue
Battery: Class A lithium-ion polymer battery
Component: Magnetic attraction battery + phone case + LED digital display. 
Features: Ultra-thin battery case with overcharging protection. The back is designed with an ergonomic arc that provides a smooth, fuller and more comfortable feel that keeps it firm in your hand and prevents it from slipping. 




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